Scaler Bass for EZbass

The bass styles (that I hope will be increased soon :grinning:) are an amazing base for EZbass
Here is the super-simple work-flow:
1 - use your preferred & matching Scaler Bass pattern and record
2 - export the MIDI directly from the DAW
3 - embellish the MIDI with the gazillion of EZbass patterns, possibly splitting the MIDI in intro, prechorus, etc matched with EZdrums and it’s done


I didn’t see what you meant. I have ezbass. I just drag and drop the scaler chord progression to ezbass, and then select a different library in ezbass. Bas can be generated
So, I don’t know what this has to do with scaler bass?

I think what Claudio is doing is actually “recording the midi bass” as he plays it on his keyboard from Scaler to his DAW. This way he introduces humanization and feel and velocity. What you may be doing is just moving the midi data Scaler to EZBass. In which case you don’t get those added attributes introduced. Both ways will work, but try it his way and see what sounds better.

Or maybe I am wrong.

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Actually, the Scaler Bass has its own pattern (style, rests, length of notes, etc), that is not just chords
This is the difference!
but maybe I am just stoned; consider I write tutorials late in the night, usually
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I have ezbass, but I seldom use it, because I don’t think the library out of ezbass is what I like.
I found that the current hit list songs are generally single chord and bass fixed. In other words, it is a dance style, trap, etc
The ezbass library feels like a traditional song.
Therefore, I like bass in scaler very much. However, scaler doesn’t have its own ARP tool yet, so I’m using nexus and Avenger to make bass

This is why I’m happy to not be a professional in music: I can freely use traditional song styles
:grinning: :rofl:

If it’s a traditional style, I think those bass automatically generated by band in a box are enough for me to use now. So I don’t use ezbass very much for the time being

No, BIAB transcribes classical music adapted to other things that most of the time are truly insulting. Sometimes it is possible that a BIAB expert can do something useful with it (maybe Jazz, for example …), but generally it transcribes wrong

Now I often use BIAB to generate some traditional instruments such as guitar, harmonica and so on for rhythm or solo.