Scaler bass... is good at sax

Yes, I just found that many bass-lines played at 2x and managed together in Section C to add variations, can be used for interesting sax solos :astonished:

BTW, @davide @luapmartin @Ed1 my finding opens a wealth of new capabilities for Scaler, if only you were able to “humanize” a wind instrument :smiley:

I used them with my Detunized Sax and had a lot of fun composing a blues song

P.S: don’t consider this :poop: a composition! :exploding_head:
It is only a suggestion of what Scaler can do: in this case feeding a sax solo

The 1st Scaler feeds my loyal AAS Strum-GS 2 in the Loop mode

a MIDI Polysher is between the 2 to avoid changing the loop or stopping it

Broomstick Bass is fed by AAS Strum-GS directly, and its drums-style metronome gives the nerve

The 2nd Scaler feeds the piano using the same series of chords, but different patterns

The 3rd Scaler feed the sax, and as you see many Bass patterns are 2x

and here you find the 3 xml
Scaler x guitar.xml (7.2 KB) Scaler x piano.xml (7.2 KB) Scaler x sax.xml (16.2 KB)

here the MIDIs
3-Strum GS-2 2.mid (2.5 KB) 4-Broomstick Bass.64 2.mid (2.5 KB) 6-EZkeys 3.mid (9.0 KB) 8-Selmer SA-80 Tenor 1.mid (9.1 KB)

I only edited the sax MIDI a bit moving down notes that were to high

and finally the output


Thank you for posting this. I have been using Scaler for years, and just recently bought the Strum upgrade, so seeing that you have combined these two programs is of great interest to me.

Looking forward to messing around with it.


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ClaudioPorcellana hey, have you got any great suggestions for brass solutions for solos esp trumpet and trombone… Looking for ideas no matter how mad

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I also tried to drive saxophones with Broomstick Bass directly but no success with it

I still have to test saxophones with EzBass, and I’ll let you know if it works
reproducing a plausible sax sound with a riffer is decidedly hard

I find it hard to go past for value and quality. Chapman Trumpet is very nice. Their solo violins are amazing too.


I am sure they are good
the problem is that using a keyboard to create wind/brass sounds that not sound as harps is very hard, and this is why I often try to create suitable arpeggios/riffs with absurd instruments

Honestly, I can’t say that I have ever played much
in the way of arps on my sax in real life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you are lucky as you have just to make the reed vibrating
unlike poor sax-players-without-a-sax like me that must fumble with unlikely bric-à-brac

I own 3 saxes and a clarinet, but I am afraid that if I gave you any one of them it still wouldn’t solve your problem, as I can assure you that it is much more than making a reed vibrate.

When I was growing up, being a sax player since I was 7, I was always told that the problem with the world was too much sax and violins.

Now that I am much, much, …(lots of muches) older, I now know that the problem with the world is Politics. Poli, or poly meaning “many” and tics meaning “blood suckers”.

I am happy to play any of my saxes without even thinking about the how, or the why, of fingerings and technique.

One of the most important things to use when trying to imitate a sax on keyboard is a midi breath controller. Same for many instruments; it will also help with Strings.

If you don’t own one, I would highly recommend it.

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I know, I know… I was only joking
many years ago I tried to play the clarinet of my grandpa of blessed memory (just restored by a lutist: the clarinet, not the grandpa) and I found it was devilishly hard to learn :exploding_head:

many years later, I meet a friend who was learning to play the sax, and currently play sax in the Brazilian band Rio Floyd Machine
I tried to play his instrument also, finding it was way harder than my clarinet

I think that in the past I also tried to play a trumpet and a fiddle, and I am quite sure the neighborhood still remember that experience :rofl:

Luckily enough, I currently play plugins only, so my neighborhood is safe

This is quite interesting…
One question about that: can I use it with any plugin, even a free one to start and see, or they work with expensive plugins only?

You can use a midi breath controller with any plugin or hardware.

It’s like being able to use a modwheel or volume slider by using breath pressure, but of course by using a breath controller you can gain a lot more control.

I would probably own one if I didn’t already own a Yamaha WX5.


my devilish mind is starting to think about a mic coupled with a kazoo, and some effects after…
WOW, too bad a sax kazoo is not commercialized, but I can try the trombone

Last night I tested the capacity of EzBass to create sax riffs and I can say it works

Don’t expect to find everything already done anyway: some cutting and sewing job is still needed, because the parts suitable for saxophones are hidden within bass-lines, but not at the point a rabbit composer cannot find them :rofl:

Now I have a big job to manage, but as far I find some time I’ll drop a possible workflow

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Wow nice sound. I don’t use nor want to use Kontakt. I’ll keep on looking