Scaler Blues Chords & Scales

I really love Scaler and in general I find it very useful and creative tool for composition. However there are 2 areas where I might like to see improvements. The first is concerning the ease of finding a blues repertoire. I realise that this is challenging for the plug in because your Basic Blues chords do not necessarily come from one scale. Traditionally a Blues Pianist would be moving a Mixoloydian Scale to follow the changes so not sticking to one chord over an entire progression. therefore in Key C you would not find a C scale that would give you the Blues Chords of F7 or G7 naturally. So in Scaler I have to find these chords myself by going to Scales for C7 (C Mixo) , F7(F Mixo) and G7(G Mixo). Alternatively just the major scales of F , Bb and C. Once you have done this and made a grouping you can save it and move it to any Key. However you can also think about a Blues in C as a mixing of Major and minor parallel keys. So in C= C maj and C min. From this grouping you can make up both the Cmajor Blues Scale often referred to as the Country Blue Scale by Guitarists, and the C minor blues Scale again another scale very familiar to guitarists. the First C maj Blues Scale is usually C-D-Eb-E-G-A. The C min Blues Scale is usually C- Eb–F-F#-G-Bb. I think that these are 2 valid scales but neither of which seems to appear in Scaler which is disappointing at least from a guitarists point of view. It appears that there has been greater focus on , or that it has been constructed with pianists in mind. That’s not bad but I feel that this 2 scales should have been included since it is easy task to generate the essential or most common Blues Chords sets from these 2 scales. often in Blues music you find that 2 or more scales get combined to make up the essential Blues Chord Harmony. So you can get 3 Mixolydians as mentioned, or the Maj and min parallel blues scales, as mentioned or you may get a Mixolydian combined with a Minor Pentatonic on the same route note. All these methods lead to basically the same conclusion the Blues Harmony. I just think Scaler may have done this better.

My second suggestion is not based on a criticism it it just a way that may or may not improve it’s functionality. I think that it might be an idea to allow you to have a SHUFFLE FUNCTION in the Builder Section C. I think that this would be very useful. So if you have a given set of midi notes corresponding to (Bound To) notes in Section C you could experiment with this in many ways by Shuffling them up to get new combinations of Chords that you might not have thought of at first.

All in all I just love this plugin!

Hi @Jumbodude
I get where you are coming from. The new major update of Scaler coming later this year works a little differently and also allows you to borrow chords in many modes (such as modal mixture), this with being easily able to extend chords would give you what you are after. There is also discussion about being able to create your own chords and indeed we could just include the blue scales you are suggesting. Food for thought for us and we shall discuss your points. Thanks for sharing and watch this space!