Scaler @ bugs- I am getting playback from my scaler 2 enabled track, when there is neither midi or audio in the section

When I trigger Midi Panic, the sound disappears-and returns eventually. Also, the key of my midi is shifting on its own? It’s doing that to every instrument- whether I am using Serum, Analog Lab, etc. When I turn Scaler off, the playback disappears. It comes back as soon as I turn it back om.

Maybe I didn’t articulate myself well enough, but this is the way I am seeing it. Have no idea what the issue might be, but I already cross examined other plugins I am using and they are functioning normally. It’s definitely an issue exclusive to Scaler.

would love any tips or advice on this matter! thanks

Hi @draf

Welcome to the forum.

Could you clarify your environment: OS, DAW, RAM, Scaler version, please? This will help support and users to help you.

Thank you Ed,

Yes- this is on a macOS Ventura 13.2, 2021 Macbook Air, running on M1 chip, 8gb RAM.
As for the scaler version, how would I go about checking that? I just see Scaler 2.

Never mind, found it- Version 2.5