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I am about to purchase Scaler and I see there are several bundles on Plugin Boutique that include Scaler plus access to some training courses. I have watched almost all of the training videos on Youtube and I am wondering if any of these training courses would provide much information that I can’t get from Youtube. Some of the titles are “Producers Guide to Scaler 2” and “Advanced Guide to Music Theory for Producers”. Thanks in advance for any help.

In my view, follow the ‘horses mouth’ route, and just watch the free videos by @davide . I suspect that the benefit in the first instances from other courses will probably be marginal.


I think @yorkeman is spot on. There are a ton of great vids out there…led by @davide of course! Don’t forget the tutorial section here in the forum.

On thing to keep in mind…Scaler is not so much a tool to be mastered as it is a muse to be romanced. The paths through Scaler are only limited by your imagination. Training videos will show you the mechanics and some workflows, but that is only the start. Enjoy!


I agree. I find Scaler as being like “50 first dates!” Each experience is new and unique to a musical or dramatic idea that is front and center or sitting on your shoulder waiting to be recognized. I love the magic built into scaler along with its many surprises.


At this point I wouldn’t bother. I think Rob at Producer Tech does make some useful content over all. However the training on Scaler 2 is quite dated now with regards to the current Scaler 2 feature set. I bought that bundle when I first got Scaler 2 and I think it was well worth it. But at the time David and the follks at Scaler and Plug In Boutique had far fewer training videos and Scaler 2 had just come out. The course was very valuable. But since then David has make a lot more video content as well as other folks and it would really just be a lot of repeat information, not to mention it hasn’t been updated to coincide with any of major updates to the Scaler 2 UI.
The Producer Tech music theory classes are not bad but the are pretty basic. If that is something you are looking for, frankly I would look into the Thinkspace music theory class instead.

Thank you all for your replies. I took your advice and just purchased Scaler 2 without any of the add-ons. I am looking forward learning to use it. Since I am just learning to play the piano, I will use it as a learning tool plus I plan to use it for live performance, playing backing chords for a small group of amateur musicians.

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Hope you enjoy @OldTimerBill Let us know how if we can help…

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Hi @OldTimerBill , that is exactly how I use Scaler, and I am having so much fun with it. I keep telling my adhoc online jam friends that I dont know music theory, and they dont believe me based on what I make happen with Scaler :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi Bernd and thanks very much for the message. Which DAW are you using? I am very interested to hear more about how you have Scaler set up.

@OldTimerBill I am using mainly Bitwig Studio, sometimes Ableton Live, and occasionally Maschine and FL Studio.

Maschine mostly for percussion and rhythm, it doesn’t really support passthrough MIDI plugins like Scaler, so I end up just cut&pasting there. But Bitwig is really nice for linking multiple plugins in the same channel (like piping Scaler output into another sound plugin on the same track). Some of my largest ensembles had 64 Scaler instances :slight_smile: (my PC has 32GB of RAM, that’s why that worked)

Here’s a sampling of the noise I make with Scaler :wink:

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