Scaler Chord rhythm

ALTHOUGH THE PACE CAN BE SELECTED ON THE SCALER. But I rarely use it. Because I can’t understand the name inside.

I also wouldn’t set it up in PlayBack Timings at the bottom of the EDIT page. Because it feels more troublesome, it is better to edit it yourself directly in the DAW piano roll.

That said, there is currently no good solution to this problem.

But in fact, the rhythm of chords has a great influence on the style of music.

I’m now watching in other apps or listening to other people’s songs directly with my ears. I don’t know if there is a better way for everyone to share it here?

I ALSO FOUND SOME CHORD RHYTHMS AND ARP RHYTHMS IN NEXUS AND AVINGER. However, they are only applicable to their own software.

You are right that rhythm is important. e.g. reggae, funk, metal, rock, etc. styles are rhythm winning. In them, the fine chords do not necessarily play as big a role as the rhythm. there can only be e.g. 3 chords, but with rhythms and melody you get that finesse.

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