Scaler & chordpolypad both ipad

I just bought Scaler for ipad and I wanna use Chordpolypad to record&detect the chords into Scaler. Somehow it does not seem to work, when I click record in section A in scaler I choose chordpolypad as the midi input. I then go rdpolypad while scaler is on the background and play a chord. The first chord gets detected sometimes (sometimes not) and then no other chords are getting detected and the sound is also inaudible after the first chord is detected. I need some support on how to set it up to work properly. Thanks

Hi @Starqz

If you are using both ChordPolyPad and Scaler 2 in standalone you wont be able to detect as the moment you close/minimise Scaler 2 it will not be receiving the Midi data you send from ChordPolyPad. This is the reason it effectively snaps shut after the first chord or sometimes doesn’t capture a chord at all as it stops receiving.
Your best bet is to either load them both up inside an app-to-app host like AUM or Audiobus3 or you could also achieve the same results using them inside a DAW like Logic Pro.

I know in a previous post you mentioned you use Logic for iPad, so if you want to feed midi from ChordPolyPad to Scaler you can load ChordPolyPad up as a MidiFX on a Software Instrument Track inside Logic Pro and then insert Scaler 2 as an Instrument on that same track.
Once you have done this you can then arm the record button inside Scaler 2 for detection and then play what you had setup inside ChordPolyPad. Scaler 2 will detect the Midi being sent from ChordPolyPad.

Hope this helps.

Audiobus was the solution, really nice!

Great to hear. Enjoy!