Scaler Control 2.7 on ARM Mac forces instrument change on Surge

When running on Logic Pro on native arm mode, Scaler Control for some reason changes Surge instrument by itself. When running Logic on Rosetta, this does not happen. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run Logic with Rosetta
  2. Assign ScalerControl on Midi FX and Surge XT on Instrument
  3. Select a scale, bind B and record few chords with Surge “init” patch
  4. Play back, works correctly, chords are played using Init
  5. save project, quit logic
  6. restart Logic without Rosetta and load project
  7. play back → ScalerControl forces Surge XT to change instrument to “Distorted Bass” every time playback is started. Instrument can be changed in Surge but Distorted Bass is triggered again when playback starts.

Seems like when running native arm Logic, ScalerControl sends some sort of midi command to Surge to change instrument. This does not happen with Intel code.

Looks like 2.7.2 fixes this issue, thanks.