Scaler could be such a brilliant program, but... + help with few options that I don't find solution to

Scaler could be such a brilliant program, a real game changer, but right now it’s so clumsy with hundreds of options that nobody needs and many options that you actually must, are not there.
I’m using it for half a year and watched most of the very long tutorials, I’m a professional composer that is not a pianist and this program could help me a lot, but I’m struggling with manipulating the program instead of composing every time I use it. such a miss, I have a few topics here that I can’t find solutions to them, maybe it’s there somewhere, and if someone knows please show me how to do it.

  1. in the middle of a progression I want to play manually, with my launch key, a chord of my own, how can I easily do it?
  2. I want to find a Bpart for my composition, and want to find ideas with the “Songs\Artist” presets, how can I lock the scale of the presets to the root note im on?
  3. substitutions, common, give me options there, I want a list of chords that I can substitute a chord that does not match, not the same chord with tensions, an actually substitute chord, that matches the chords before and after, how can I do that?
  4. I like a phrase or any other preset that scaler gives me inside the “perform” mode, but I want to change a few things in it, to match my composition a bit more, how can I do it inside the preset, without midi capture and change it manually? (because then I cannot use it later)

There are many more, but ill start with finding solutions to the basic stuff that I need, if someone figured it out please give me a shout