Scaler Crash FL Studio 20


Scaler 2 crashes FL Studio immediately every time it is loaded. I’ve tried to vst3 and vst versions (and disabling openGL like mentioned here on the forums). I was able to register after disabling openGL, but it continues to crash repeatedly since.

I’ve tried search around for other tips and recommendations but I couldn’t find anything that helped.


Scaler Version 2.1.2
FL Studio v20.7.3 build 1987
Windows 10 Professional

Hi @eswraith

What audio settings are you using? Could you try with a samplerate of 44.1 or 48Khz and maybe change the block size as well. Not sure it will solve it, but it could help diagnose what is going on.

You can also try to disable the Audio Detection by clicking on the “Audio” button in the top section. It might help a bit with stability.


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I typically run 512 samples 96K- using 48K seems to resolve the issue with Scaler 2 here.I opened/closed a few times and the issue did not persist. Thanks for the assistance!

Additionally, I re-enabled OpenGL to test and there are no issues with/without it @ 48Khz.

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