Scaler crashes in fl 20 no consistent midi out

I have been using both products for a while now on windows 10. scaler 2.0 crashes in fl 20. When I record the midi performance, scaler 2 only allows midi out once, then it crashes, I bring up another instance and it wont midi drag the notes out, is there a workaround?? Im really getting frustrated with the new scaler I love it but its convoluted and not intuitive at all now. Plus, it has some stability issues before these updates. I even contributed feedback on the program. can someone rescue this program?? Beta testing should have been over by now!

I have been using Scaler 2 & FL Studio 20 for a while and never encountered any problems. But I have similar problems as you describe with other plugins in FL Studio, which leads me to believe that the problems are probably on the FL side. I am on Win 8.1 and Win 10 on 2 different PCs, and have more problems on Win 8.1 where I have had more FL updates. I feel that the frequent updates may have corrupted the FL installation? But Scaler and Scaler 2 always worked well for me in FL, including MID / performance recording.

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I certainly appreciate it working out for you. I never had this issue before, just brings down my creative process, being I use these two tools in my creative process, I hope scaler reaches out to imageline to correct this or scaler comes up with a fix for it. Its very annoying to not be able to drag performance midi out of scaler more than once, without restarting both programs. Smh