Scaler crashing FL STudio 20.7 when I turn on MIDI record

Just upgraded. Was keen to test out the detection, and Scaler has crashed FL studio 20.7 three times now.
The crash is repeatable, and happens every single time, in exactly the same way.

I’m using windows 10 – 64bit , with 32gb of ram
I have TAL bassline 101 playing a programmed arpeggio. I set it’s midi channel to output on channel 12.
I then set Scaler 2 to midi Channel 12 for the input.
I hear both the TAL bassline playing, and the instument in scaler 2 playing the same arpeggio, but the second I press record, I get a mad grey screen in FL with loads of big numbers and millions of zeros on it. It crashes FL so badly that I don’t even get time to submit the crash report. I haven’t had a severe crash like this in years…
Can someone please help me sort this out, just in case it’s user error and not a bug.

Welcome @Carbine Can I check you are on 2.0.5?

I’m using 2,0,3 which was the latest update just a few days ago at Plugin Boutique where I bought it.
I’m reluctant to upgrade it again unless this specific issue has been addressed. Do you know if it has ?