Scaler crashing on performance playback

Hi there, firstly I don’t know if how I’m trying to utilise Scaler is even possible, perhaps someone with more experience could advise me in that regard.
I’m using Scaler 1.5 in Reaper DAW, I’m a guitarist who doesn’t have the first idea about keyboard chords so the advent of this plugin seemed like the ideal solution to my lack of ability.
I insert Scaler followed by a VSTi Synth into my track, I have no problem inputting the chords into Scaler which I require for a given song, using ‘bind midi’ I can play these chords via my midi controller and record a performance into Reaper but when it comes to playing back the track Scaler more often than not crashes my whole system or a note will freeze and hang requiring Scaler to be removed from the chain to kill the drone.
Obviously, the information recorded into Reaper is just the trigger notes from my keyboard and I don’t think there is actually a way to record the chord information from the performance into a track, so to my mind Scaler has to be used as a playback plugin as well.
So I guess my question would be…is what I’m trying to do even possible or is there a way of recording the actual chords that Scaler produces rather that just the trigger notes?
Thanks for reading, I’m an old bloke and relatively new to computer recording so please be gentle! :confused:

HI @Karma_Train,

thanks for reporting the issue. When the playback crashes, is Scaler using the arpeggio, strumming or scale lock ? Or is it a simple chord playback ?
It sounds like a bug so we will try to fix this in the next patch.

It is really easy in Reaper to record the output of Scaler and not the trigger notes, create a virtual instrument track with the instrument you wish to control. Click on the INPUT FX icon (the green icon on the second row on the picture below) and load Scaler as a VST2.


Now, when recording, Scaler’s output will be recorded to your track.

Hi Ed,
thank you so much for your reply I really appreciate it.
Wonderful news to hear that Scaler’s output can be recorded, I’d figured that there must be a way to do this and guessed that it involved routing so I’ll try your suggestion out directly.
The crashes I’ve experienced almost constantly have always been in playback only, no strumming, arpeggios or scale lock involved at all.
To get on with recording my current song I swapped out Scaler for the free CodeFN42 vst CHORDZ which has played back flawlessly through about a million passes but Scaler is much more useful to me so if your routing suggestion works I’ll be delighted.
Thanks again.

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Hi Karma_Train

To record Scaler’s midi output in Reaper i use a Custom Action named: “Item:Apply track/take FX to items (midi output)” that feature render all midi out in your plugin chain to a midi file.

To do this you have to:

1- Go to your Main Toolbar, right click at a blank space and select “Customize Toolbar”.
2- A new window will open and in your left down corner select “Add”.
3- It will open the action´s list window and at the top search/type for “Item:Apply track/take FX to items (midi output)”.
4- After find it select the action and click in “Select/close” at your right down corner.
5- Now you will return to the previous window with your new action added, just click “Save”.
6- Now you will see a new icon/square in your Main toolbar.
7- Select your midi item at the same armed track where you have Scaler Plugin and where you have write Scaler’s midi notes and click in your new added action in Main toolbar, it will render your progression in the same track but in a new Take/lane.

I hope it helps


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thank you so very much for your reply, I really appreciate the time and effort involved in compiling it and am very grateful.
Reaper is quite amazing isn’t it? Pretty much a way of doing absolutely anything at all with it if you dig deep enough.
I’ve just tried the method that Ed posted above and that seems to work a treat as well, it’s nearly two in the morning here, so I’ve taken a screenshot of your post and I’ll work through it tomorrow/later today. So thank you kindly once again and yes, it certainly will help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Karma_Train

You´re welcome! and yes i agree Reaper is a great DAW and very customizable with a lot of features!
By the way you have another similar custom action to render a midi item to a audio file!


Is that so…hmm, something else I need to explore then! Thanks again.


I am new in Scaler but I use Reaper for several years. So, the easiest way for me was to route from my piano track to Scaler track.

Variation of the theme…

I open my piano routing (red ellipsis at the left side) and add a new send to Scaler track (right side):

I play what I need and everything is recorded in my Rhodes track, as i would do without Scaler. Then I mute Scaler track once everything recorded.


Hi Dionisio.
I searched for custom action to render a midi item to audio file, as you mentioned, but could not find it in the list. What is its exact name?



Hi Mike

The custom action name is: “Item:Apply track/take FX to items".



Thanks a lot. I would have never guessed.

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