Scaler decodes cords in sample saving time, generating ideas

Nothing earth shattering here – just sharing a positive experience with Scaler.

I had a set of samples featuring nice, complex chords that are part of the library of a well-know instrument. They can be triggered from the VST instrument/Controller via MIDI, but, with Scaler, I was able to render the chords to audio and then use Scaler audio to analyze and generate chords. Essentially extracting the chords from the samples into Scaler.

Scaler suggested chords very close to those used in the samples and some alternative chords. With a little editing I was able to create chord sets very close to those used in the original samples – most being complex chords with extensions and inversions. I could have done this without scaler, of course, but, Scaler did suggest some chords I might not have come up with.

I’ve not needed this feature of the program often, but it was great to have it there to use when this situation presented itself.