Scaler desktop and ipad - separate purchases?

If one purchases the desktop version, must one also pay for the full in-app purchase version on ipad? Or vice versa?

Yes. They are separate purchases.

Thanks. As a workaround, Im thinking I can probably get the ipad version to drive VST/AU instruments, maybe within Ableton? Is there a simple answer as to how to make this happen, eg something that facilitates midi from ipad-scaler into osx ableton?

You could capture the MIDI or audio output from an AuV3 plugin - use an iPad DAW or AUM for audio, or a MIDI tool like Helium or Atom Piano Roll 2 inside AUM to capture the MIDI data and export to a file. Then AirDrop the MIDI/Audio files to your MacOS desktop and load into Ableton. I’ve done this successfully into Logic when I’ve created something useful on the iPad rather than try and replicate in the Scaler desktop version.

Oh, so no live connect? I was thinking midi out via bluetooth or wifi to drive the ableton instruments live. It appears ppl are doing this with outboard hardware, why not another apple device?

Give it a try but apps like AUM provide functionality to drive external instruments on the iPad so Scaler can be used that way, Again with AUM and your iPad connected to your Mac via IDAM you can send output from the iPad and record the audio directly into Logic Pro. Again you could be using Scaler on the iPad to control iPad music apps and record the audio into a Mac-based DAW. Of course people with M1 Macs can run some iOS music apps natively. I suspect Bluetooth and WiFi would have latency issues when driving live Ableton instruments.

What are you are trying to do I have not tried in Logic. I have sent MIDI data from Logic over IDAM to my iPad and then recorded the audio from an iPad instrument back into Logic based on that MIDI data, via IDAM.

Thanks for your advice. Played with free version of ipad scaler. It seems to connect on its own to Ableton via bluetooth as a midi controller but so far hasn’t managed to send a midi note. If I need to also purchase AUM, the ipad route becomes more expensive than the DAW plugin. So I’m leaning toward that while its on sale.

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Glad I was able to help and good luck with your Scaler endeavours. If you are still examining options watch some tutorials on AUM, I’ve never regretted my investment in it…

By the way, don’t forget that Scaler works in GarageBand on the iPad if you wish to explore Scaler’s capabilities further.

They are separate purchases. Both are extremely reasonably priced. I have both but truly wind up using the desktop version the most.

What are the major differences between the two? I was trying to find a comparison, but haven’t yet.


They are essentially the same except for the operating system.

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