Scaler doesn´t show the blue Colour anymore in Keys in Key

Hi there, i´ve got one instance so Scaler 2 on my new song…and it doesn´t show me the Keys in blue anymore, that are in the Key i choose at the different scales, Scaler shows me after the detection…it´s probably just a button…but where is it…at another instance of scaler in this song everything is perfect…Where can I set the buttons to be displayed in blue?..thanks in advance…Steffen

Not sure if I got your problem correctly but…
When detecting, first instance Scaler nicely suggests scale and highlights them squares blue.
Then you use another instance of Scaler where you manually recreate the progression/pattern and it doesn’t show them squares blue.
You simply have to select, in the second instance of Scaler, the same scale as in first instance. Scaler will have something to compare your pattern/progression to and the blue highlights will appear.

Hi lelek,thanks a lot first…i think i expressed myself badly…i only used the 2 instance scaler for me to see if it would show me the tone of the selected key in blue at the keyboard at the top in the same song…i removed this 2nd instance again… what I would like is simply that the tones of the key I select in area A are displayed at the keyboard…which they don’t do in this song, strangely enough…what I can do is click on Keys-Lock, then the lock appears for all “wrong” notes…but I would like the keys to be blue for the correct notes…

I see now… This is really weird and doesn’t seem like normal behavior of Scaler.

Hey Steve;

I did something similar when starting with Scaler. You need to have a SCALE selected in the list below the A section. If you hit the DETECT button, there is no scale selected and the keys will no longer be marked. Just having chords in the C section (progression section) does not impact the scale Scaler is showing on the keyboard.

At least on my systems, to get the scale keys to highlight with blue, you need to either select the SCALES button and then select a scale from the list, or you could select from the SONGS, ARTISTS or USER buttons and a scale will be selected automatically. (You could also save and import a state setting from the Scaler logo)

If this does not address the situation, maybe post an image of your Scaler song instance.

Good luck

Probelm solved!
…wow…guys…first of all: thank you…I have to apologize!!..I really messed around with the problem yesterday, with this one song, without result…tja, now I wanted to follow your tips, start the pc, start Studio One and the song. …well, what can i say…everything as it should be…shame on me…every child knows when something is suddenly different on the computer…shut down the computer and start up again …aahhhh… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: …thanks again lelek and TMacD…have a nice day…greets Steffen

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