Scaler EQ - Peak Midi control

Hi all,
I am enjoying Scaler EQ but dreaming of a way to be able to control peak frequency via midi.
Any way to make this possible ?
It would still be fixed to a key and a mode but having the root note of my peak linked to a midi key would allow me to play with it and make some frequencies come out more differently depending of the chord progression of the song, instead of having it ‘fixed’.

If anyone can think of a way to make it possible in Ableton, you will be my star forever.


Hi @patchak We are keen to introduce this functionality and are looking at early Q3 as a possibility. Not sure if there are any Ableton hacks here, maybe our in-house Ableton Certified Trainer @Tristan may have some automation ideas?

Hi @patchak. Some audio effect devices such as Ableton’s Spectral Resonator do have a MIDI input allowing you to route MIDI data to them from other tracks to control their tuning etc. however Scaler EQ does not have this functionality. It could be something interesting to explore in the future however.

Currently, as far as I can think, the best you can do is to use Ableton Live’s Expression Control MIDI effect to modulate the band frequency parameter of a Scaler EQ instance on a MIDI track inserted after and Instrument. But this isn’t ideal for the application you’re describing as it only works on MIDI tracks, and does not give you precise note control over band tuning.

But it’s a great idea that we will take on board, so thank you for your thoughts and suggestions,

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Than k you for your answer. Implementing such a functionality would be amazing! I do really hope it happens in Q3 :wink: