Scaler es bueno por el... flamenco!

1 Scaler instance only, 1 flamenco guitar, and here is the flamenco


a typical text below
“Me casé con un enano, salerito
pa hartarme de reír
¡ole ahí ese tío que va ahí!
eso si que fue de veras
que al bajarse de la cama, salerito,
se cayó en la escupidera”.

unfortunately I don’t have proper percussions cajon, palmas to add, so only consider this test for its potential

and if you want a real flamenco, listen this

P.S: I don’t upload the xml now, because I used a VERY VERY strange style, and I want to see if somebody guesses what

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Olé ! Que bien suena, me gusta ! saludos, Paul

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Hola Paul

I hope you are referring to the " fantástico quinteto con Camaron Y Tomatito" not to the “suscrito aporreador”

apart that, have you tried to guess the musical-style I used for?