Scaler export MIDI file directly

Can scaler export MIDI files directly ?

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EDIT: I have since found that you can indeed drag & drop chords right out of Scaler into the Windows Explorer (file system directory). I suspect the same is possible on a Mac with the Finder.


I don’t think so. But

since you have to run Scaler in a DAW anyway, and most DAWs let you export piano roll note patters as MIDI files, you could just drag & drop MIDI from Scaler into a DAW track, and then have the DAW export the MIDI file. At least that’s what I do when this need arises. Perhaps there are other ways too.

only xml? can‘t midi? :cry:

If it is that important to you, you could put in a feature request and see if there’s broader demand for that.

I’m not familiar with other DAWs but when using Scaler 2 in Logic you can drag MIDI anywhere. Like to the desktop or a folder of your choice. Is that what you mean?

Yes Indeed you can!!!