Scaler feature suggestions for Version 3

I use Scaler and Rapid Composer together since a long time on a regular basis. While Scaler has a clearer and slower workflow, Rapid Composer has more and deeper and better access to crucial options when it comes to choose the right chords, voicings etc.
To be fair Rapid Composer is also cluttered and you are also not in the need of all of these (near endless) possibilities. But I really think that the important features are better/faster implemented in Rapid Composer. So here are my ideas and proposals for the next Scaler 3.x Update:

Please add way more (customizable) Key Commands, or even better, Midi-Learn for many functions and options enabled, so we can bind these to our Midi Keyboards and switching through these with the buttons,encoders and faders. What is IMHO really cumbersome and slows down the worklow in Scaler is that you have to point and click with your mouse everything to change for example the chords from triads to diatonic, change voicings and variations, modal interchages, inversions etc.
With this you leave your path for choosing chords and structure and click somewhere else to modify your choices. This interrupts your workflow and creativity.

And this is where I have a look at Rapid Composer.
Please have look here:

If Scaler would be offer something like this when you click on the upper blue line of a chord pad (with double click, left click or just hover over the line)

that would be phenomenal. We users could have all of the options like Chord Suggestions, Circle of Fifths and Quick Suggestions under the mouse cursor. These are the really great features in Rapid Composer. The Quick Suggestions for an easy choose of the most useful chords, the classical Circle of Fifth, and the advanced Chord Suggestions with Scale Degrees, Parallels etc - this is fantastic. And would be top notch in Scaler 3. As an 4th option you could integrate
the settings for inversions, triads/voicings/variations. All under the mouse cursor in a small menue.

Also the magnet option in Rapidcomposer for voice leading between the chords would be a useful addition to Scaler.
The magnet manages the chord voicings by looking at the relations of the chords.
Like: Minimize the note distance between the chords, highest note follows the envelope and so on.

Bonus idea:
Another good function in Rapid Composer is their so called Midi Mutator module. In short it’s an editor for the choosen chords. It’s a special tool for manipulating the chords like inversions, transposition, lengths and rythms, distances between chord notes. This could be an advanced option for each chord pad.

I don’t want to become Scaler like Rapid Composer, but to be honest (and as I’ve written above) the menue options for choosing the chords in different and easier ways like Rapid Composer offers are really, really good. At least for me this would be a killer feature in Scaler 3.

Have you purchased the latest version of RC? Apparently, artificial intelligence support for chord planning is also added.

AI: The 2024 Big Fake
Frankly speaking, I’d believe more to the existence of Santa :rofl:

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Yes, I’m aware of the new feature, but I have no interest in using it. As a side note: My DAW isn’t connected to the internet so I can’t use it anyway :slight_smile:

The possibilities of having something like this under my mouse cursor is more tempting then writing with an AI Bot.

Thanks for all the suggestions and welcome to the forum @AxeCop !