Scaler feeding both chords and riff in AAS Strum-GS - Part II

Here is another interesting workflow for Scaler and AAS Strum-GS

Again, Scaler triggers both chords and riff in AAS Strum-GS, but after that…

A premise: I looked at a video yesterday, where and AAS Strum-GS developer says that AAS Strum-GS riffs can be homemade :astonished:

The workflow was not easy to me, so I tried again to use Ezkeys to do the trick for me

in brief, I copy-pasted a series of Funky MIDIs and asked Ezkeys to randomize them, then I dropped the modded MIDIs in the AAS Strum-GS folder…
Unfortunately it didn’t work :crazy_face:

Then, I came back to my usual workflow and I decided to use a Blues pattern instead and after a while an interesting series of riffs jumped out

The problem is that in each riff created, only a part sounded cool, so I used the new Ableton Live 11 feature Comping that let you melt together pieces of MIDIs, and again in a trial and error style (that I love :smile:) and after a few cut & sew this Latin (or Spanish) piece of song jumped out

Here is the Scaler xml
Scaler-State_2021-03-18_011024.xml (9.8 KB)

The setup of MIDI Polysher and AAS Strum-GS
The black key made red in MIDI Polysher avoids that Scaler hits the AAS Strum-GS Stop key

I love Scaler, and Strum-GS, more and more because I’m having a lot of fun with them

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