Scaler feeding both chords and riff in AAS Strum-GS - Part II

Here is another interesting workflow for Scaler and AAS Strum-GS

Again, Scaler triggers both chords and riff in AAS Strum-GS, but after that…

A premise: I looked at a video yesterday, where and AAS Strum-GS developer says that AAS Strum-GS riffs can be homemade :astonished:

The workflow was not easy to me, so I tried again to use Ezkeys to do the trick for me

in brief, I copy-pasted a series of Funky MIDIs and asked Ezkeys to randomize them, then I dropped the modded MIDIs in the AAS Strum-GS folder…
Unfortunately it didn’t work :crazy_face:

Then, I came back to my usual workflow and I decided to use a Blues pattern instead and after a while an interesting series of riffs jumped out

The problem is that in each riff created, only a part sounded cool, so I used the new Ableton Live 11 feature Comping that let you melt together pieces of MIDIs, and again in a trial and error style (that I love :smile:) and after a few cut & sew this Latin (or Spanish) piece of song jumped out

Here is the Scaler xml
Scaler-State_2021-03-18_011024.xml (9.8 KB)

The setup of MIDI Polysher and AAS Strum-GS
The black key made red in MIDI Polysher avoids that Scaler hits the AAS Strum-GS Stop key

I love Scaler, and Strum-GS, more and more because I’m having a lot of fun with them

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I practically stole Strum (in an insane sale on PB) sorry, but I love it to bits, especially if you use it woth AAS Object Delay (my goto delay as of now).

Claudio - You certainly have lots of experiments on going. Do you ever complete a piece of music? Or are they just bits and pieces? Seems like some of those should be completed.

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I’ve been wondering that for some time, but to be honest I dared not ask :smiley:

Also, there has been a fairly comprehensive list of music that’s not on his list, and I’m still trying to see any pattern of common genre in the elements …

Footnote ; Claudio - having been sballato (??) before of my obscure use of English idiom, this is intended as a piece of good natured English ‘ribbing’ (nervatura??) ; your posts are always informative, sound and witty - not to mention the occasional amusing sparring with @Bernd !

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No very commonly…

I do mostly proof of concepts, because I love way more playing without recording anything

I am with Claudio on that. Producing finished pieces is only one motivation to engage with music. I too prefer a more experimental process, see what is doable, and jam with it in the process. The act of discovery can still be a creative endeavor. Classic tension between journey and destination.

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he he, actually I have my second concept album… well “concept album” is an inflated term for a :rabbit: composer :grin:

Anyway I have this second album that uses old British epic poetry, where the “heroes” are roosters and hens, something that @yorkeman could appreciate (or quite the opposite LOL)

The name of this album is Rock à la Coque, and the cover will show cartoons drawn by me, but it is stuck in a sort of beta status because I realized my English pronunciation is awful :crazy_face:

Sure, I know that some famous singers with incomprehensible voice exist and existed, nevertheless I am unsure about singing the spoofy texts I created, or singing in Italian using nursery rhymes maybe

Then, I have tons of proof of concept that have a potential, but each time I run my DAW and Scaler I am always bewitched ending to try something new :grin:

But don’t give up!
A day or another, the new platin… oops carrotum album will jump out

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