Scaler for ipad

I remember Scaler will release the iPad version.
I don’t know when it can be used.
Even a free simplified version is OK.
Always sitting and playing chords, my waist can’t stand it.
I want to climb in bed and play Scaler. :rofl:

Oh yeah, your waist is going to improve while laying down vs. sitting? :rofl:

And a “free” version of Scaler for iPad doesn’t really help prioritizing the development of it :wink:

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We were planning for this Q3 but we’ve pushed it back to Q4. There’s always the conundrum of replicating scalers current feature set vs making it iPad real estate friendly. Beside as much as a priority as it is we have 2.5 for early Q4 and other developments…


I’m waiting as well for the iPad version.
Looking forward to being able to play with Scaler anywhere I go!
If it takes a little longer, then I am sure it will be worth the wait!
Got the cc ready for the purchase!
Thanx Davide and everyone involved in this great program!

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I was wondering if I should make a simplified version and occupy a name first. If you don’t do it again. What if someone uses scaler?

There is already an AU plugin for iOS called “Rozeta Scaler”…

On iOS there is quite an ecosystem and frameworks to make MIDI and sound plugins connected in myriads of ways, say through something like AUM or AudioBus. Would be great to have Scaler as AudioUnit pluggable into AUM to work together with other plugins, just as Scaler does on computer based DAWs.

Post made at 08:31 BST i.e. after midnight in @Bernd land … is this when your creative juices start flowing ? :grinning:

i was just doing some light bedtime jamming in AUM on my iPad :slight_smile:

Sit and work, your ass is getting bigger and bigger. :joy: I want to lie down and play scaler
It’s a little chord progression, even if it’s only in C major :joy: :joy:

Is any up date regarding Scale for the Ipad?

Hi @Marc1

it is on the way, currently being tested… we have people in the team using it daily to make music at the moment. We want to do another round of feedback before the release, we are still catching some bugs and need to polish a few things to get it ready. The software environment is quite different on iOS and we want to make it as useful as possible.

We are now aiming for the end of February alongside Scaler 2.6.


I found a good app called medly (iOS)
I’ve been using the free version lately.

Can’t wait!!!
I have been looking forward to this for a while now!

Great news! Of course we will wait. Better to have it right a few months later than sooner an not working.Good luck!

Just curious,
while we are chomping at the bit waiting for the version of Scaler for the iPad,
Are there any ideas about the price? Also, any discount for those of us that have purchased and have been using Scaler for a while now?
On a side question, any hint of the goodies that are in store for us in the Scaler 2.6 update?
Thanx for all the hard work that you guys do for us in this program!

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Getting excited as the time grows nearer…
Wish I could have been a tester…
Thanx again for this Awesome program and for taking the time to make it better!

I will happily pay for the iPad app when it releases. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Mad respect!

Honestly I really hope that this not a current avenue for development.

From what I have seen cross platform development like this leads to a really poor user experience. Just look at companies like BLEASS and Audio Damage that both have excellent DSP but have massive UI limitations forced on all platforms by their tabbed touch screen interface emulations.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised, we have loved using it and the DEV team have done a brilliant job at contouring it to adapt to iPAD real estate - not long now at all!