Scaler for Psychedelia.... Fungle Gruve

I continue to be blown away by the capabilities of Scalar and how it lets me rough out ideas quickly and then experiment with building different parts that I can then further edit. Here’s my latest piece, which was more fun to create than a barrel of monkeys! (which actually, are also included in the piece via samples, lol). Fungle Gruve on Vimeo, use headphones and a large screen for the most immersive effect.


Super COOOL!
It also reminds me a bit Amanita games soundtracks

And, Rivers in the sky is amazing!
I am speechless :astonished:

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Outstanding work! What is Scaler doing in this piece?
Live percussion or samples?

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Thanks for digging it! Scalar’s all over the place. The bass line (theme) that starts at 0:30 was developed based on a Scalar chord progression in A Dorian. I use that theme all over the piece. The contrapuntal low-mid melody that dances around the bass line at 0:50 was also based on some phrase ideas that came from Scalar. The most interesting thing was that I used a version of the bass theme as the source notes in the very unusual first bridge at 2:36 for three of my favorite creative instruments (from InSession Audio)… Harmonic Strike, Fluid Strike and Riff Generator. The simple bass theme is expanded into almost a dozen syncopated arps that sit under the kalimba triplet figure and subsequent melody (both created solely by me, not from Scalar). The second bridge at 3:14 with the ascending figure was also created almost entirely in Scalar, using the Heavyweight Ascend piano instrument with some of its own arp figures playing along. LOVE Ascend.

The percussion started out live with finger tapping on the Novation Launchpad X with individual instrument samples to get the basic rhythmic structures down and once I had the feeling of what I wanted, I added various ensemble figures from the InSession Audio World Percussion instrument.

I am having way too much fun. As of early September I’d never used Logic and never composed a song in my life, and with Scalar my lack of music theory does not hold me back. I had lots of percussion playing deep in my history plus some guitar and some keyboard, so just enough to be dangerous!

Thanks Claudio! I really appreciate your enthusiasm for my work! Fungle is definitely cinematic and immersive… heck all of my stuff is based on how I approach telling stories due to my filmmaking experience. Don’t think I could write a traditional “song” for the life of me.

If you like Rivers in the Sky, check out this “how it was done” article. It goes DEEEEEEP. Turning Science into Art - article on ProVideo Coalition


I’ll look it for sure
I’m very curious :grin:

I was sure it was a lot of work, and the explanation confirmed it :astonished:

This is why I do video scarcely: I don’t like the simple editing for shoots, how could I possibly love videos?

So I made a very few of them, just for fun

But, wait:

Gary Yost is an American filmmaker and software designer, best known for leading the team that created Autodesk 3ds Max, and 3D Studio

URGH, this excites my admiration even more :upside_down_face:

I wanted to have this tool to make video animations in the eighties for a private TV, but my PC and my wallet were too poor, so I had to fall back on its younger brother, Autodesk Animator

Autodesk 3D Studio was totally another world, a Ferrari for videos :bomb:

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Hey thanks Claudio… I’ve been around a long time and have explored many different mediums… and now music composition!

Autodesk Animator was my first project for the PC. As an interesting aside, the engineer I found for that project (Jim Kent) went on to decode the human genome for UC Santa Cruz before any commercial entity could patent it. He’s a hero in the bioinformatics world now.

And thanks for the link to your videos… the squirrel piece is hysterical (and I related to it a lot because squirrels are the animals I resonate with most for some weird reason). BURP! :smile:


I spent 2 hours navigating around the linked media, and watching / listening to some if the pieces.

Amazing stuff…

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Thanks! And yup. It’s a very deep hole.

Hi Gary,

Imagine finding you here! Small world. I’ve been using Scalar for quite a while now.

Cool piece!

– Martin Schiff

It’s always a pleasure having Master’s contributes here

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Hi Martin! Great coincidence… so happy to find another Scalar buddy who I know. Starbirth is amazing… SUPER lush. Would love to have a conversation about what you’re doing with Scalar sometime… let’s chat!