Scaler Guitar of the Future

Editing Chords with Chord Diagrams.

In “Guitar Mode” you do “Edit Chord” and a chord diagram appeals and you enter notes with a mouse or by playing them. The notes play for a specified number of beats when entered. When you exit edit mode the chord strums once – many options possible.

The Fretboard Display

It would be nice if it looked like a guitar and perhaps other instruments – banjo, mandolin, others, maybe a few choices of neck types – Fender, Gibson, classical guitar, etc. I’d also suggest the youtube channel Fret Jam for a good looking guitar display. Some of the guitar VSTs have OK displays.

I like what we have now in Scaler and use it all the time, but I think if it were improved it would bring in more guitarists.

More Options for number of strings – 7,8, maybe 10 string, 12 string, high-strug 12, etc.

Custom Open Tuning
User Enters Notes for Open Strings. Scaler helps calculate chords which appear on the playable diagrams.

Patterns in Chord Diagrams
An option to have chord diagrams displayed for the chords of a Pattern. “Guitar Mode”

Functional Note Names Based on Root of the Chord
The note names would be the functional name of the notes in a chord – 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, #11, etc. I like the options we have now, but it would be great to have the chord tone names based on the root of the chord added to make building chords easier.

Guitar Chord Naming Convention/Guitar Chord Library

For names I prefer the standards established in basic books of, say, Mel Bay, Arnie Berle, Ted Greene’s Chord Chemistry. I’d like quick access to those type chords – the most usable forms – in an available library of guitar chords.

I have a few other thoughts and will add those later. Please add any “guitar of the future” ideas you’d like to see added to Scaler. Thanks for reading.