Scaler I haven't gotten my complete down load yet

Click the following link to confirm and activate your new account: , so when I do this , this is what the response is

Sorry, this account confirmation link is no longer valid. Perhaps your account is already active?
Not only that ,where’s the scaler ? I don’t have it, I need a refund if you can’t fix the problem , Im using a brand new IMAC

Clearly you are on the forum so the click the link thing is done and dusted!

As to Scaler, have you downloaded it from PluginBoutique? It’s in your account page there, not here

the problem is that they tell you to find your serial number in the leaflet inside your product package… where’s the product package?

Scaler 2
Music Theory Tools 93-Music-Theory-Tools) by [Plugin Boutique
Serial Number
where is the serial number?

there is no serial number for the download that you sent me,

Have you tried hitting the big download button? It should give you a file. Read the ‘installation instructions’ on the same account page

Scaler is not BY PluginBoutique, you are on the development / support forum.

PluginBoutique handles ALL of the marketing and licensing of Scaler. Any issues that you may have with licensing are handled by PIB.

Sign into your account at PluginBoutique and click on Account and then MY PRODUCTS. Your license and install instructions should be there.

Any further questions regarding licensing, please contact PIB directly and I am sure that they will be able to help you.

In depth instructions can be found here:

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