Scaler Instances synchronize across different DAWs ?! :-)

This is an awesome feature I wasn’t aware of thus far. But I did accidentally discover that the “sync” feature in Scaler 2 recognizes any other Scaler instances running on the same computer, regardless of whether they sit in different musical applications/DAWs. Is this by design? If so, this should be marketed more agressively, because this is a huge feature!


I discovered that as well a while ago. I’ve never had a use for it yet but it is pretty cool.

Syncing is very similar to basic implementation of server clustering - more likely than not, synced Scaler instances have a common shared resource (process to query for configuration parameters, exchange file, message queueing server etc).

Yes, named pipes, IPC, and such…< / nerdmode > :wink:
But given that dedicated MIDI composing/performing tools such as Maschine can’t even route MIDI across plugins in their role as host (their main raison d’etre) it is amazing that Scaler casually makes use of interprocess communication, bypassing any challenges around music tech protocols. I like it. Just one more like for the agility and pragmatism of the Scaler dev team! :+1:

Across DAWs? That changes how I use it when I rewire Live and Logic. Credit to the above and beyond that Ed and the DEV team go to time and time again.

Just to be clear, I mean the Scaler-specific state sync, like in the screenshot below.
I don’t think that replaces the need for Rewire, since Scalers do not exchange timing or other MIDI data across instances (outside of DAW routing). That would be magic, but cost extra :wink: