Scaler into Cthulhu

I have been experimenting with running Scaler into Cthulhu (Scaler > Cthulhu > Synth) and just using Cthulhu’s very powerful arpeggiator. Works very well and I can come up with some very sophisticated arps. Has anyone else tried this?


That’s basically all I use it for. Routing a ‘Master Chord Track’ into various devices. :ok_hand:t3:

It is certainly a game changer and allows for creation of much more unusual and syncopated arps with velocity other parameter control. Much more useful than the canned arps and sequences in Scaler. Customization is key!

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I find the Cthulhu Arp user interface overwhelming, just doesn’t gel with me. But I love the huge library of mapped chords. I’ve made whole songs out of Steve’s artist chord libraries…IMPRESSION | Sound/Art by Aleamanic - YouTube this was derived from the Debussy chord sets in Cthulhu, but performed by RandARP.

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It takes a while to figure it out…but well worth it. It was designed by Steve and deadmau5 and is very similar to Nerve. It provides a lot of cool functionality including the ability to syncopate and use odd time signatures. Cool for polyrhythmic stuff.

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Thanks Tony, you opened a world!

I don’t have Cthulhu, but I used one of the Ableton harpies, i.e. Arp Streets Echo, and this combined with Scaler’s Pop Rock 5 to drive GSi VB III produced an amazing rocky accompaniment

Then I added a rhythm guitar, the bass & drums and played through Scaler’s green keys a psychedelic distorted guitar :guitar:

Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial and the song obtained

I love Cthulhu. Scaler and Cthulhu go together like dinner and a fine wine. Great Arps in there. Scalers are just basic but Scaler more then makes up for those with the Expressions, etc. I have no problem using a modular approach to Scaler and External enhancers. The beauty of experimentation.


I just installed the demo, and I’ll test it tonight
I’ll let you know what will jump out

and you can also use the method that @TMacD surfaced for nested Scalers a while back… pipe a Scaler performance into Cthulhu’s Arp, vice versa, or both in inifnite wayz, and interesting things will come out :slight_smile: