Scaler iPad and Scaler Control Midi Fx mac, project exchange possible?

I am on the edge of buying scaler but I can only buy it if the scaler projects made on ipad can be opened with scalercontrol Midi Fx on mac Logic Pro x. Can anyone confirm this? I only need to open Scaler projects made on ipad in the MidiFx, not the other way around.

Addition question: can scaler on ipad also ‘Learn’ my own made chord progressions?

Hi @Starqz and welcome to the forum.

The answer to both of your questions is yes, though at this stage working from Logic iPad to Logic Mac desktop does require a few extra steps in saving your Scaler State and sending it to your desktop separately to your logic project. It is a temporary workaround until we have the integration fixed up in a future update.

The forum community here is immensely helpful with some very knowledgeable members so you will be able to get guidance on the process if and when you need.

Hope this helps.