Scaler is a bit funny for me

Scaler, in my opinion, is untested and doesn’t work.
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Can I get my money back?

We usually don’t prevent people from posting.

If you want help to resolve your issue, please post in the topic you created originally.

Really. This software is a con. I’d like my money back

Yes, of course, please contact Plugin Boutique regarding your refund. We don’t handle the distribution of the plugin here.

Alright. Thanks.Will do. BIG shame. Had very high hopes.

Gee whiz is your criticism usually this constructive? I like a troll but cantankerous and utterly totally unhelpful posts just makes me think you are either a) a competitor or b) not someone you would not want to wake up next to in the morning. Now please contribute constructively or just don’t bother. Thank you and with respect.


I seriously thought this was a joke comment.

While I do have more money than talent, Scaler is without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my music.

Lou…did you remember to plug it in to the wall?


@TMacD you’re up one on me, I have neither money nor talent, LOL


Scaler is untested and doesn’t work

Actually it works for tons of people…
But it cannot be loved by all people, as everything in the life

I cannot understand anyway why this guy moved from totally satisfied to totally unsatisfied in a while, without even explaining why

I have to admit, at this stage I really don’t care why he went off the deep end (and as a psychology guy, that is odd for me)

Funny…I spent decades building and supporting software and unless I shipped it, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a visceral response to a lame forum post (or had to bite my tongue so hard). It must be that irrational emotional attachment they talk about…or it’s another symptom of COVID.

Anyway, I’ve invested more time in our buddy Louz than I should have…so lets get back to having fun with this great plugin, shall we.

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I am in the same boat

I used to have money and talent but sadly they have both disappeared :slight_smile: What’s with Lou anyway; not one reference to WHY he thinks the software is a con. He appears to be the con.

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If you tell us where you missed them, we’ll help you to retrieve them

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Are we still considering renaming it to


now? :rofl:

Yes! And perhaps along the way we’ll find ours as well :wink:

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LOL, I only wish. However, doubtful that you could retrieve but if you want to contribute to the loss of financial resources I am happy to entertain your donations. :slight_smile: :grinning: Just keep playing your music and that is donation enough.

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Social media aware crawlers that feed search engines will see thread as: “Scaler is untested and doesn’t work” with a lot of community reaction. Guess what might pop out in google search results… Just sayin’
I propose to put it in trash :wink:

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@lelek … interesting you point out that this forum is actually searchable from outside, non-logged in people. I wasn’t aware of that. I suppose I better be more careful what I say now, posting with real name and stuff…

Scaler is my #1 Desert Island plugin! And I would like to thank the developers very much for this ingenious tool! :+1: