Scaler is about chords, what about adding a melody aspect (intervals)

Hello, how about adding the name of intervals between each note when we play a melody in real time or when scaler get fed a midi file

This would be such a powerfull feature to sell to all orchestral/cinematic/audiovisual composer, because they always need to compose a theme to a specific emotion, for example they are going to reach for those minor 2nd intervals when writing a dark, horror, anxiety theme, or some pefect 4th and 5th for heroic themes etc.

Even better, when we press a note, having a GUI that gives you (within the current scale) the names of all intervals that you could play based on the note you are currently holding, without counting the notes that are outside of the scale : For example if I am in D major, and I am holding the note D, having a GUI that indicate me “if you press E, you’ll be playing a Major 2nd” etc.

You could even attach little symbols or emoji to notes representing the “feel” of the intervals that they form with the note that the player is currently holding

It can be a great marketing selling point for composing a melody, something like : know the emotion that you will create before pressing the next key

Thanks, hope you like it


Yes! Brilliant idea! I like it! I’ve been looking for ways to identify what emotions are expressed with what chord progressions, or the other way around, what emotions a certain chord progression arouses. So this would be super helpful, if doable at all.


Welcome @walimaga
I do like it. A lot.
Great feedback thank you.

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