Scaler is good at Atmospheric Themes Too

Following up on @jjfagot post on scaler with emotional themes. Here’s a piece I’m working on that I was trying to set the atmosphere of a pod of whales swimming and then being persued by whalers. I’m always open to comments and critiques. 19 tracks in all using 4 different scaler plugins some Spitfire and EWS libraries.



Wow!. I love everything in this work. Everything is so described! Congratulations and thanks for sharing, DavidBR

Lovely cinematic vibe…very easy to imagine the action underscored by the music

Thanks for your comments @jjfagot , your emotional piece inspired me, also @Bernd I’m glad you connected with the idea.


@jjfagot I came across a posting you made regarding Ableton Live not being able to use midi channels. Not sure I fully understand the problem - but have you used the external instrument to send midi via midi channels? For instance, with the EWS Opus software I can set up multiple instruments on one track each receiving from different midi channels. Then I set up new midi tracks each with an external instrument plugin set to the different midi channels. Each track then sends midi to Opus and plays separate instruments on the separate midi channels. Would this work for you? bye the way you can also do the same for Kontakt multi instruments.

Thank you very much, DavidBR.
Yes, I tried it. Ableton allows you to do things like that with Kontakt and EW Opus with the External Instrument, and with the Instrument Rack.
Later I discovered that Opus Orchestrator allows you to separate all the instruments, simply by dragging the recording to midi tracks.
You have to do the interpretation of the phrase that you later want to import, but it is a very big function of Orchestrator, which inexplicably they have not made known in EastWest (?)

It’s a Real Divisi Channels

Thanks for that one too @jjfagot . I will have to try that as it is another one which i was not aware.