Scaler is good at... Bensonhurst Blues

I tried an (apparently) simple song, Bensonhurst Blues by Oscar Benton

The chords are more or less:
Am Dm E Am F Am Dm E Am
but what a struggle to re-create the proper swing in Scaler!

I realized that producing something (semi) new is way easier, while to reproduce a famous song is a nightmare, to me at least :rabbit:

Now it’s late, and I drop here the piano accompaniment almost done

Piano acco.xml (15.8 KB)

Tomorrow I’ll try to find a proper bassline and drums, and I hope to find the just time to sing along

Well, I’ll have to swallow a sandpaper sheet to (try to) sing that blues like Oscar
:crazy_face: :rofl:

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Maybe I found a way to make my voice a bit closer to Oscar one without swallowing a sandpaper… :crazy_face:

Tomorrow I hope to find some time to sing, and make the bass & drums part

Stay tuned (with your earmuffs at hand :rofl:)