Scaler is good at... Congolese soukous

Well, I am not perfectly sure it is in the Loketo style, but I think it’s close

here the Scaler used for the guitar

Scaler-for guitar.xml (24.2 KB)

and here is the guitar used with its amp



To audit Scaler chords I used the Loop mode, but after I switched to the Guitar mode, and I found that Bitwig makes things easier (compared to Live) because it’s better routing

So I used Scaler to send chords in the Chord Keys area, I put on the AAS Strum-GS track all patterns, and I moved them in the row forming a cool series by ear, so creating way more variations, while keeping more control compared to the Loop mode with variable riffs

And here is the result, Loketto Scalato


NIce tune, got a real happy, toe tapping vibe … well done.

I saw your iZotope tag, out of interest (I have and use v9 of Neutron and Ozone Advanced) what version are you using? Have you upgraded to 10? Since I just produce at home and release to a small audience, I’m struggling to decide if the upgrade is worth the money. Thanks.

Hi Simon

I tend to be conservative about upgrades, and I change a tool just when I milked it dry and/or I reach a severe limitation, like in case of my previous DAW, so I am stuck on the version 9 Advanced, and I think I’ll keep it for a long time

Scaler is one exception because each version adds many amazing features :heart_eyes:

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I don’t know if it’s Bitwig but this sounds far better then what you were doing in Live. It feels more relaxed. Live always felt too square. Good job. I think the switch was good for you musically. Now do a complete song. :blush:

Thanks for responding Claudio. I’m leaning towards:

. Waiting till v9 is no longer supported on the MaxOS operating system I’m using
. Challenging myself to mix and master better with other tools I own

The reviews, as I read them, seem to suggest the improvements are largely incremental, rather than substantial

He he the Master is too kind, and missed I used a wrong key filter for guitar and bass :cold_face:

Scaler used a Lydian Db and I used a Lydian B instead of C# argh
now I am reloading the file

About doing a complete song… well…
it’s hard for a jammer/mousier, but I tried it sometimes, and I’ll try again

About the improvement, it is certainly due to experience and a lot of tips received in this marvellous forum

The mixing sounds better. You’re not using visual mixer now, right?

no because it doesn’t work, and the same for Relay
I am using my ears first, then Ozone Imager, that works very well for single-track spatialization

The mix sounds much better to me. I think this is a benefit. Whatever visual mixer was doing was not complimentary. Details were getting squashed.