Scaler is good at... James Bond... Who?

But you’ll listen to it tomorrow
Now I must have a good time at the gambling house

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The rich keep getting richer… and… :thinking:.

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The doll I picked up tonight at the gambling house got me pooped
I think I’ll drop the vibe not before tonight

My mother-in-law got a thighbone fracture, so I’ll leave you for a while until we have arranged a carer or the so
see you later

I don’t know about this “James Bond” thread.

What happened to normal life? :sigh:

Thanks for asking @LivingEdge_Studios
It happened that my mother-in-law got a thighbone bad fracture, but yesterday were did not know her medical future
Now I think she will remain at the hospital for surgery and possibly rehab, but due to the pandemics we cannot see her for a few months
And we still do not know if she will come back alive (many old people get covid in hospitals nowadays)

So, coming back to the title of this post, testing this workflow I found by accident a song that reminded me a lot a James Bond Theme

I’m very sorry for your mother-in-law’s accident.
I wish that she recovers soon and that everything goes very well, Claudio

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I forgot I do a daily backup of all my songs, so I retrieved it [Bond Who?] (Bond Who? by Rabbit Composer | Free Listening on SoundCloud)

the 2 Scalers
Scaler-1.xml (9.4 KB) Scaler-2.xml (9.4 KB)

Strum 1 and 2

The FX of Strum 2

The space distribution

And @ClaudioPorcellana with his preferred smoking :rofl:


thanks for your wishes @jjfagot
I am afraid the last part of her life will be likely very uncomfortable
she has 87 and the other leg is semi-blocked already

I don’t know what the technical pictures mean, and I am a non-smoker, but I like the Bond-inspired tune :wink:

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non-smoker, so no-smoking
only now I got it LOL