Scaler is good at... Jazz

Well, this is not surprising indeed :grinning:
The surprise is that I used a quasi-matched Scaler pattern this time, Blues 7

The routing: a classic

The guitar and its amp; this time I used the Loop mode, and the variations are due to the fact the Scaler pattern overlaps sometimes the Loop area

The drums…

And the bass with the trick to remove the link (red circle) so you can use any pattern with your preferred bass

The sax is driven by the 2nd Scaler keys-lock, and I called the song Saxy Scassi because this sax sucks

Unfortunately I am very poor in playing sax with the keyboard, and not only with it
Once a time I tried a real sax and I was just able to mimic an elephant trumpet

So, I have to study the technique, or wait that Scaler devs find a way to have Scaler driving winds