Scaler is good at Jethro Tull style

I’m sorry to have build so much hope, but having a transverse e-flute, and being able to play decently the first part of Bourrée in Mi minore di J.S. Bach is just 1/1000 of what is needed to make a Jethro Tull song

It’s a bit too thick (as a brick, cit. :rofl:)

For Jethro Tull i ușe the VSL Flute because ITS the only Libary i Knie That îs able for the flutter tongue

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thanks for information @tocan that will be certainly useful for other

This is not my case because it’s a sample-based plugin that requires a lot of RAM & CPU, way higher than my system

But this is not the main issue, because I am unable to recreate the Jan Anderson skills needed :crazy_face: :cold_face:

Well, BBC SO by spitfire has this and much more, but also for much more $$$ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I had it on sale and is excellent.

@Miki looking at this video I reminded your advice :cold_face:

I think I’ll leave that metal punched tube on the shelves forever :rofl:

Well, I have small example what can be done with just two articulations in BBC SO Core:

Much easier than “that metal punched tube”. :slight_smile: Micro movimenti delle labra!!! Well, I do micro movimenti delle dita on my keyboard.

For these who don’t know these articulations (I am the one - but I can see what I play on my PC lol) but are interested in, the first part was “multi-tongue” and the second was “long flutter”. I cannot imagine play these on a real flute.


Wouldn’t you try to buy the PC you showed once? I just bought mine and two weeks later, it was out of the stock, everywhere. The problems with semiconductors will affect everybody. I am not a semi conductor - I am a full conductor of my orchestra - and fortunately, nobody can see me :rofl:


In 2022 maybe I’ll buy something like that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I wish you, my friend.

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Well, there is a rumour going about that Santa will bring to me a new PC


Now I have just to write the wish list :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Santa is a good guy, and you were nice, too. He will fulfill your wish. Just think about it, a lot, a lot more…

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the die is cast

I wrote in the list a refurbished Dell PC 7010 SFF Intel Core i7 3770 3.40Ghz, RAM 16GB, 1TB SSD

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I am on the same pinch :laughing:

Per mi amico @ClaudioPorcellana

Claudio’s Rapsody

Is this the real life,
Is this just fantasy?
In just a few days,
This will be reality.
Open your eyes,
Look up to the screen and play…


Dear Santa Claus:
I too have been a good boy this year. I have behaved well. Bring me the same as Claudio, please :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Sadly, the inevitable rule is that the resource consumed by any application will increase at the next release to consume whatever power todays hardware has. So I think it’s grit your teeth, take your wife / partner out for a special meal, then go for something that just might last 3 years. Oh, and buy twice as much RAM than you planned - and make sure the SSD is M.2 NVMe .
The rest of us can then look forward to wondrous pieces emanating from Turin … :smiley:


I was a good boy so Santa brought me this toy a bit earlier, in order to avoid the semiconductors problems.
HP TG01-1209

Oh, yes it was a good idea that Santa decided to bring it earlier because it’s everywhere out of stock. In 2022 I’ll do some hardware updates :grinning:

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Miki: It is sure that you have been much more good boy than me and Claudio, of course
Oh well. I just did some mischief with the drawing teacher and she made me write 1000 times on the board “I will not speak in class”:rofl: :rofl:

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The price does not necessary reflect the performance. I just searched for something better than I had. As the PCs with 16GB RAM are rare below 2K CAD I decided to order this. Not perfect but much faster than the old one. With a new SSD instead of HD, it will fly. Oh, yeah, and 16G more of RAM.