Scaler is good at... New Age

I uploaded a mix for @tk3435

New Age Who Knows?

Let me know if it can be called New Age

@tk3435 now I have little time, but if you are interested to understand 1 workflow or 2 among those, please let me know; for workflow I mean a Scaler xml (containing chords, patterns, options, etc) + the routing in Ableton Live 11 + the instruments used

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BTW, listen this as well

and this one


Love it… Hints of Tubular Bells, the '70s album, not the title song. But overall early Mike Oldfield vibes?


What of the ones above?
The mix contains 5 or 6 different

keep making song like this its Swell i can make this track trend, im famous on social media


BTW, lest folks think the next troll feud is being instigated here, the above quote was from one of those annoying promoter bots on Soundcloud in response to Claudio’s clip :wink:

I’ve been using Scaler since v1.4 for meditation music…Its absolutely changed my process and workflow so that I doubt I could go without it. I’ve tried Captain Plugins and Orb Producer and there is simply no comparison especially with the v2.4 update which IMHO, elevates Scaler to indispensable.

Here’s a sample from my channel…


It reminds me the Osho meditation and Biodanza I practised eons ago
I love the birds in the background also, being a birder

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Great to hear @Tony253

Oh yeah, were you in ???

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ah, ah, nope
I wasn’t so fanatic, and I knew already the ins and outs of that “money & sex affair”
I just did some dynamic meditation in Turin, pushed by a friend of mine who knew my inquisitiveness for oddities :grinning: