Scaler is good at psychedelia

Coming from here I composed a song in the psychedelic style

the initial preset is the more or less the same:
Scaler feeds MIDI Polysher that feeds Strum-GS

The workflow is very simple:
Find a series of chords in Scaler
Move all them in the Section C, so you can select Durations and Beats (the latter under Settings Playback)
Put in loop and set DAW sync (under Settings Playback)
All tracks must be armed because Strum-GS can only output sounds if fed by Scaler and MIDI Polysher

I prefer using MIDI Polysher, instead of the Ableton Pitch tool, because MIDI Polysher can do other interesting things; for example it can avoid that Scaler’s notes hit some Strum-GS key so ruining its riff

Set MIDI Polysher as in the picture below; black keys made red means they cannot be hit

As you see I set 16 tones higher, but I started from 12, and I went up to 20, with an error and trial process, where you transpose and listen

Scaler is in loop, so it plays ceaselessly while you lower or increase tones, change Scaler’s patterns, add or remove Voice Grouping, kill keys in MIDI Polysher, etc.

As far as I heard something interesting I clicked stop & saved

Now, if you download my Scaler xml Scaler-State_Pinky.xml (9.9 KB)

then set Strum-GS as below

Then add this amp

Hitting the space-bar to start the playback, you should listen Strum-GS playing notes that remind a Pink Floyd song

And here is the song after having added a simple bass and drums

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