Scaler is good at rock! (reloaded)

Hi there

testing Scaler 2 for some time and trying to drive many instruments and making different genres
I realized the plugin is optimized for keyboards textures, and above all for classical music and its derivatives like e.g. prog or folk-rock, etc (I don’t consider chill, ambient, sound-track etc as not interested, sorry)

I believed it was not suitable for “strong accompaniments styles” (e.g. Deep Purple) but I was wrong

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I answer to myself: Scaler is good at rock!

I started sending the output to my amped guitar, then I found a few chords: 1 set for the verse, and a second set for the variation (sorry for the improper term I am a rabbit composer :joy:)

then I set by ear the lenght and x time for each chord in the editor, then added the proper expression, phrase, arpeggio or strumming
at the end I recorded the MIDI of 2 sets and moved them to Ableton guitar line

then added the drums and the bass, and here is the result with minimal effort and no knowledge of musical thory

A rock rhythmics guitar made in Scaler 2


This is really cool, alternating between the expression and strummed chords works really well here.

We have been discussing of improving the strumming engine, I think Scaler could be even more helpful in this context with complex strumming patterns


Smart move! The interaction between a born rocker like you and as Ed1 notes the appropriate use of strumming chords with phrases and expressions did the job very well. As guitar player myself I understand and encourage you to continue placing the technological carrot as a lure to that smelly like EL-34 rabbit :+1:

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complex strumming patterns

yes, and I think arpeggios have space for improvement as well

the rabbit that lives in me says thanks for endorsement

The riff reminds me the good old Uriah Heep, son’t know why. Like it.

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Hi Miki

it is certainly possible, as I listened their album Look At Yourself tons of times

BTW, did you listen (and tried to improve) my funky guitar here?