Scaler is good at... Trance (or EDM?)

I don’t know either style, so who knows?

The workflow is very simple

  1. Set Scaler Chord Duration at 1/2 beat
  2. Then select any pattern in the less suitable area, for example Classical 1, and possibly set the speed to 2x
  3. And now drive a synth like Minimonsta with this sound

Scaler Trance-EDM

here is a couple of suitable Scaler status

Scaler-trance-EDM.xml (30.5 KB)

Scaler-trance-EDM 2.xml (30.6 KB)

CAUTION: Be careful to select a sound that doesn’t drill your eardrums :cold_face:

Fun guarantee for the fans of the genre (not me)

I don’t upload anything on SoundCloud because my DAW refused to record
She is scared by those genres :rofl:

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Now there’s a title for a post I didn’t think I’d see from yourself, good Sir :slight_smile:

However, creditable in that it shows you are open to experiment with all genres… now how about some Ambient …

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I think I did already a post on Ambient… :thinking:
but maybe I just said I could have done it
maybe later