Scaler is good at... winds & brass

I often tried to find interesting riffs for winds with no success, until I realized that more complex settings were to be used, so just load the Scaler status, feed a wind, brass, etc. with it, and see how complex is this jazzy sax tune

Scaler-State_2022-03-30_233318.xml (11.9 KB)

And now I explain how I found this setting: I put a series of 8 chords in loop, then I selected the first 4 alternate chords (1+3+5+7) and changed anything under Mode, Pattern, Resolution, Duration, Octave, Inversion, up to ear something interesting, then I repeated the same process with the other 4 chords (2+4+6+8)

I am sure that many of you will be able to improve my workflow, so feel free to collaborate :grinning:

BTW @Ed1 @davide: I think that the option to apply different humanizations to each single chord could be very useful to have more variation