Scaler Keys Lock to play bass live

Hi guys

I just found now that driving your bass plugin (I use EZbass) with Scaler Keys Lock lets you (try to) play the bass like Jaco Pastorius

Well, it’s impossible to play as Jaco :crazy_face:, but some “echoes” of his mastery may jump out, for example tickling 2 adjoining keys, sometimes

If you are skilled enough, the notes played with Scaler Keys Lock are enough for a bassline

This is not my case, so I recorded live in EZbass, then I applied a preset

I don’t upload any sample because the workflow is quite easy and works with any kind of Scaler pattern and any bass plugin AFAIK

Let me know what do you think about

Cool beans! On a related note, is anybody using Scaler in conjunction with the Native Instruments bass series? (Kontakt instruments)

I often use Ni guitar

Thanks for going on helping me to build my slang culture up
now that @yorkeman is in permanent Lurk mode