Scaler Licence Wont Activate

I had Scaler on my old computer but it broken down, now i’ve got this new one but i can’t activate my licence, idk if it’s only possible to activate on one device. It’s been a long time since i bought Scaler, any help would be appreciated.

Greetings P.

You should not have a problem getting Scaler loaded on a couple devices. (I don’t know the hard limit) Have you downloaded your most recent license file from PluginBoutique?

if not,

  1. Log into PluginBoutique
  2. Go to My Products
  3. Be sure you select the most recent Scaler version you have installed
  4. Click in the license link under Serial Number to download your license file
  5. Use that to authorize Scaler

Hope this works for you…if not, provide a little more information regarding exactly what you are seeing when you can’t activate and I’m sure it will get sorted.

First off, it’s Scaler 1 i have, not 2.
I downloaded the lastest version on the same day i downloaded the licence which version 1.8.1.

Hope this further information will help you in your quest.

Thanks so far.

You can activate Scaler v1 on up to 3 computers (check the tread here). If you had it only installed on the one that crashed, you should still have 2 activations available.
When attempting activation, have you used the same email address you use to log in to Plugin Boutique? I know it’s a stupid question but, hey, people do change their emails ;).
Anyways, I would suggest opening a support ticket with Plugin Boutique as they seem to handle the authorization part.