Scaler License

I have a problem. I bought a new Mac Book and I want to activate Scaler on it. But it doesn’t work. I need help.

Welcome to the forum @Travis_JR We would need you to be more specific here. What version of scaler, you MBP spec, your OS? What’s happening?

Thank you for your answer, Davide.
I downloaded the newest version of scaler on my new Mac Book pro and my OS is Catalina.

Scaler works, but I can’t activate my license and I don’t know why.

Hi @Travis_JR

Are you using the email address linked to your plugin boutique account ?

Yes I do…and when I try to register the license, nothing happens.

It is possible that the license is only valid once?

No, the license file should work.

You can try re-downloading it from your PIB account.

I re-dowloaded it, but nothing happens…

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can I do anything else?