Scaler loses its place

This is a simpler description of a problem I am having with Scaler 2 in Mixcraft 9, Windows 10.

I have Scaler on a virtual instrument track, playing an 8 bar pattern. It works fine if I start it from Bar 1 and let it play all the way through. But if I pause the Playback, or reposition the playback head, then Scaler ignores the playback position and starts playing the pattern over from Bar 1.

If I position playback at a fractional bar, then Scaler does not begin playing until the next bar, and it starts with the first chord of the pattern, as described above.

Yes, of course, I can drag the midi, and that works fine. But shouldn’t Scaler work as I described above?

Thanks for any help with this.

There is no song position point built into Scaler. Start always has to be from Bar 1. Maybe in a future update but not at present.

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Thanks for the quick answer.