SCALER makes BIAB unresponsive?

I use SCALER as the plugin’s default synth, then BIAB freezes and then crashes.

I recorded a video. At the beginning, SCALER will get stuck. Later, EZKEY will work normally.
download video:

If SCALER is placed in STUDIO ONE, it is no problem.
It is not in BIAB, it will crash.
But strangely, other VSTs like EZKEY in BIAB are fine.
Has anyone encountered this problem?

please download video:

I have been tested. SCALER version 1.8 works normally in BIAB.

The new version of SCALER will make the BIAB unresponsive.

After testing, SCALER2.0 and above will make BIAB unresponsive.

Everything works fine with SCALER 1.8.

I don’t know why this happens, is there a way to fix it?
Nobody cares about this?

Who will help me?

Works ok for me. First time I’d ever done this as I don’t really use it. Loaded onto a piano track in the mix window. You can see it playing in the clip.

Win 10 / BIAB 2020 / Scaler 2.7

The above problem will occur only when SCALER is set as the default synth of BIAB.

I don’t know enough about BIAB setup to get my head around this fully. Whereas I can see of the point of having Scaler on a track, when it’s replacing Coyote as the default synth engine (?) it would need to be multitimbral to do the same as Coyote. which it isn’t.

I set up Scaler under default synth (see below) but when I play back it continues to use Coyote to create sounds, so I’m not sure what ‘default’ does.

Without more info, I’m, stuck.

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If I use SCALER as the default synth, when I press shift+enter to hear a better sound, I can also understand the chords better.

But the problem now is that if you use SCALER2.0 or later as the default synth, it will cause BIAB to become unresponsive. If it is SCALER1.8 it will be fine.

options >>> midi/audio drivers setup >>> vsti/dxi synth

Set the default synth in this position, when BIAB clicks to close the play, there will be no response from BIAB!

Remove the check in box Route MIDI thru to Midi Driver. May help. Unfortunately, I find Scaler and BIAB don’t play together well in general. the new 2023 BIAB will be out in a couple weeks. There may be help coming.

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BIAB2023! I hope it has good functions, hahaha