Scaler makes chords generate melody automatically

Scaler solves the chord problem
I don’t know if I can add a function
It can generate melody automatically according to chord
I think it’s a good melody lab
Will inspire some creative inspiration

Yes. Well the user is in control and has to make musical decisions (which is good).


Something makes chords and generate melody automatically…

mmm… :thinking:
Where I heard that before?
Ah yes, music CDs…
:crazy_face: :grinning:

Frankly speaking, I think that this would be extremely boring, both for the “composer” and the audience
And I don’t understand how a total automatism can improve creativity, but YMMV

Hi @swingmix , I am not sure whether you are asking a question. It looks like you were making a feature suggestion for Scaler? And I am confused what you mean, because in my understanding Scaler already does offer features for melody creation. Like so…

  1. You pick a chord progression (either from the menu “artists”, “songs”, from scales, or record it in manually from the DAW/MIDI controller)

  2. Then you activate the “Perform” mode (see highlighted in the screenshot below)

  1. Then you have a large choice of options, the most obvious one the section called “MELODY”, but you may experiment with many of the other options for melodic opportunities/variations…


Scaler calls the sections under “MELODY” Colors, Riffs, Motifs, and Themes, but they all provide MIDI expressions that can be leveraged for larger melodies, if not even as the core theme by themselves, as @davide himself has shown in one of his DnB songs.

Additionally, you can also experiment with @TMacD 's method of feeding Scaler MIDI output back into Scaler while in different Performance modes, so it mixes up the MIDI patterns again and yield yet more melodic & rhythmic variety.