Scaler makes sizzle regularly in Ableton


I am using Ableton Live Lite 10. When I launched Scaler in Ableton, it starts to make noise every 20 seconds. It is like sizzling for 5-6 seconds in every 20 seconds. I can also see it in Ableton from track output signal level. Scaler sends it to Ableton.

I also found out that once I close the Scaler, I cannot launch it back in the same session. The only way to launch it again is closing and restarting Ableton.

Can you please help with these issues?


Hi @ckirgiz,

the noise you hear every 20 seconds is a limitation of the Demo mode of Scaler. It is normal and will go away when you register your license.

The license file is accessible from your plugin boutique account:

Regarding the second issue and relaunching Scaler in the same session, it looks like a bug, thanks for reporting, we will have a look.