Scaler making white noise when Ableton Live starts

Hello. When I start a Live project, one that has scaler2 set up on a track, I’ve been getting a blast of white noise. Usually it’s just one white noise cycle, fading in and out. One time when a very demanding project was opening, I experienced 3-4 white noise cycles.

I didn’t know what plugin was causing this until just now. I was able to scroll down to see what track was creating the noise, and it is Scaler. I’m using the latest version and it’s been registered for a long time. I assume I’m experiencing the white noise before it checks on my registration. Rather annoying I must say hah.

Hi @rocknrory

To help support can give details of your OS (Live version ?), Live version and Scaler Version (2.?), please?

Click on the Blue Logo on the upper left. Go to About/Help. Under Registration does it show that you are registered? You should see your e-mail address used in registration.
As @ed66 mentioned there is no way to diagnose with out more information.

Hi Ed. I’m on Windows 10 Ver 21H2 OS Build 19044.2364, Live version 11.2.6, and Scaler version 2.7.2.

Yeah, it shows I’m properly registered.

That’s not normal to be sure. So the white noise is not continuous? Just one cycle? Are you using the Scaler built in sounds or mapping Scaler to another instrument? Have you tried removing it from the track and adding it again?