Scaler midi channel out keep channel

Hi does scaler pass through all midi channels? Or is it only transmitting on channel 1?

A single instance of Scaler supports one midi channel only, but you can set the channel number in ‘Preferences’. (If you use Live, it ignores midi channels anyway)

There are several ways to split midi channels according to rules for a single instance, and many have been discussed here. Most involve routing the midi to something that via rules splits the generated midi to separate channels (or ports - essential for Ableton Live.).

thanks Im having trouble with something with this putting it before my HW instrument plugin using the Montage. I expected to be able to switch the parts which correspond to the midi channels but it doesnt work unless I have multiple instances of the HW instrument plugin. (there is a keep channel setting but that doesnt work either). If scaler had keep channel maybe that would work.